Motivation Letter for Scholarship: Why It has to be Me to Get the Scholarship?

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how to make a good motivation letter for scholarship

It is no doubt that motivation letter for scholarship can be the decision maker whether you can get the scholarship or not. Why the judges have to pick you? Here is how to show it!

A motivation letter

In every scholarship, it is almost hard to find that the scholarship programs do not ask for a motivation letter. Every scholarship either local or international requires you to send them a motivation letter. The purpose is to sort out the best candidates from thousands of them based on what you will offer to your country and community if you’ve got the scholarship. A motivation letter tells the scholarship committee who you are and why you should be one of the best candidates to get it.

Why you should get the scholarship

Commonly, there are 2 essential questions which you should ask yourself the answers. The first question is why you choose this scholarship. The second question is why it has to be you. In order to answer these questions, you can do brainstorming. It will also help you express it in writing. You can also try to make spider diagrams and put the main topic in the center. After that, you write many relevant arguments or supporting sentences as you keep going along. Meanwhile, you are writing such things, mention your skills and ability too. It will help you make a great outline of the motivation letter.

It will be a great advantage if you can relate your goal with the mission of scholarship of your choice. That’s why don’t forget to check the website of the scholarship. Most successful persons who received scholarships usually use friends or family as the basic foundation why they wanted to continue the study.

Keep in mind that you need to be relevant from the beginning to the end of your motivation letter for scholarship. We wish you luck!

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